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chemical engineering freeware for catalyst characterization.

Mobirise application extension to easely edit HTML/Styles of any block (even user blocks) from mobirise4, mobirise5 and amp themes (does not work with old mobirise3 themes like Mobirise3-Default-PurityM).
You can also edit _anchor and _cid for each block with this code editor. 
The code editor alow also to edit the whole "project.mobirise" file from within the same interface.
Show compiled CSS Style in version 3.
(Dialog box after "project save" removed in version 3.2) 


Mobirise App extension to add/modify the header/footer settings of all pages(global)/current page.
Allow to Copy/Paste page from one site to another.
Allow to set/modify the language tag of the site.
Additionally, the project path can be shown. 


Mobirise block extension for Mail/Contact form using mailto: protocol
(independent of
Using secondary component structure, editable with deltapi-code-editor.

DeltaPi mailtoform.mbrext

Mobirise block extension to insert image comparison block
without Javascript (HTML/LESS only).

DeltaPi imagecomp.mbrext

Mobirise block extension to insert code block with highlighted code (HTML/JS/XHTML).


Mobirise block extension to insert fully customisable Jspreadsheet table (including formulas) into your site pages.


Catalyst Geometrical Properties Calculator is a chemical engineering program to perform detailed characterisation of solid catalyst particle from various shapes (tablets, rings, ribrings, spokewheels and gatling guns shapes).
The program request the input of various geometrical parameters (outer diameter, central hole diameter, cylinder height etc...) and provide numerous geometrical calculation results (perimeter, surfaces, void fraction etc...) that enable the chemical engineer to characterise the effectiveness and/or the pressure drop properties of the proposed shape and dimensions.
The calculation take also account of the possibility to have flat or domed ends for each shape.
The program output also a scaled drawing of the proposed shape/dimensions to allow for example a visual check of the manufacturing feasibility of the proposed shape.

Type of shape :  
Domed ends (Y/N) :
Tube diameter (mm) or real void fraction (if <1.0) :  

Particle Dimensions (mm)

Outer diameter :
Inner diameter :
Central hole diam :
Number of Rib/Sp/Hl : 
Rib/valley ratio :
Spoke thickness :
Cylinder height :
Total height (+dome) :

Perimeter mm :       One face surface mm² :
Total surface mm² :       Volume occupied mm³ :
Volume real mm³ :       Nb particles/l :
Spec. surface cm²/l :        Void fraction occupied. : 
Void fraction real :       Equ surf/vol Dp mm :
Equ vol Dp mm :       Sphericity factor :
Solidity factor :

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